The story of one switch

The story of one switch

PlumThyme founder shares her story of switching to reusable pads.

Many years ago as a girl I was presented with a pack of disposable sanitary pads as a solution to my periods. Fast forward almost 20 years later, when my period returned after the birth of my daughter I wasn't looking forward to sticky, smelly, skin-irritating pads coming back into my life. Having tried menstrual cups before I knew we aren't meant for each other so I went on searching for alternatives.

One day browsing the web I came across reusable menstrual pads. As someone who cares about the environment and tries to reduce waste in everyday life I was intrigued by the concept of that reusable product. One thing that was putting me off was the idea of handling my own period blood.

At this point though I was quite desperate to find a more comfortable alternative to disposables so I went ahead and bought a set of 3 cloth pads. In the first month I used them alongside disposables and mostly at home. To my surprise the washing process wasn't messy, used pads didn't have that horrible smell I got with single use products (I later found out that the smell is caused by the chemicals used in disposables). Using them was pretty straightforward and I noticed how happy I feel reusing the product again and again instead of ripping, rolling and sending to landfill plasticky disposable pads several times a day.

From this point on I never considered returning to single use pads again. I went on trying reusable pads from different makers and later on combined everything I liked about them into one perfect PlumThyme pad – for myself and for every menstruating person out there.

I'm so happy to share the joy of comfortable, waste-free periods with you!

xx, Lana

Founder, PlumThyme


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