What a year!

What a year!

As we are preparing to welcome 2022 I'm taking a moment to reflect on the journey we had this year – from the idea of creating the perfect reusable pad to the point of having hundreds of happy PlumThyme customers around the globe.

Back in June in the midst of trying dozens of reusable pads from different makers I grabbed some materials, sat at my sewing machine and tried to create something different, combining all the things I liked about the designs I have tried into one perfect pad. Of course I didn't get it right from the beginning and looking at the first pads I created you would probably smile and think I should've given up this crazy idea of creating a new reusable pad brand.

I kept practicing, perfecting my skills, trying different patterns and materials until I finally had the pad I was happy to use myself. The truth is I created PlumThyme pads for myself. This is likely the reason why so many people from various places around the world are now happily using these pads and sharing their positive feedback.

There's no way I could think of achieving this just 6 months ago, when I made my first pad. And it definitely wouldn’t be possible without the support of my family and the trust my customers have for PlumThyme products and values.

I'm incredibly grateful for this new beginning and looking forward to growing PlumThyme even further next year. Hopefully I'll have you by my side on this journey.

Happy Holidays!


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