I tried reusable pads out of curiosity, I was surprised

I tried reusable pads out of curiosity, I was surprised

PlumThyme customer Kate sent us her thoughts after months of using our reusable period pads. Kate raised some important points here so, with her approval, we decided to share her feedback on the blog.

People perceive switching to reusable period products as a form of self-sacrifice for the sake of the planet. I believe in this case it is a win-win!

The biggest benefit that comes to my mind is hygiene and safety. Compared to classic pads, the PlumThyme cloth pads can be as clean as you want them to be.

We often forget that disposable pads and tampons are just another type of product made at factories by industrial machinery. They are not sterile as they might appear to be. Their white color is achieved by bleaching process. Moreover, they contain other chemicals that you don't want to get any close to either the environment or your body.

Although I'm definitely a cup girl, I tried the PlumThyme pads out of curiosity. I was surprised how soft they felt. Just like comfortable underwear. And they don't make this annoying noise like 'please, stand back, menstruating person approaching'.

Also, even though cup-related accidents rarely happen to me, I find it useful to keep one PlumThyme pad in my purse just in case.

After 3 periods, the only drawback I have noticed so far using these pads as an addition to my cup, you probably want to choose tighter underwear to keep them in place as they are not sticky.

Anyway, the conclusion is simple - in my opinion, choosing reusable period products is definitely a no-brainer. If you prefer pads to other period products, I'd recommend giving the pads by PlumThyme a go.

Kate R.

PlumThyme customer from London, UK

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