Let's end period poverty together

Let's end period poverty together

Can you imagine getting your period as a teen and not knowing what it is and what to do?

Most of us in the Western world are unlikely to experience such a rough introduction to the magical work our reproductive system does. Although young people in America are often not prepared to welcome their periods, we are likely to be able to use pads or tampons and carry on with our lives when this time of the month arrives.

Unfortunately not every young person on the planet has the luxury of being educated or even prepared to get their periods. We believe this shouldn't be the case and would like to do our part to end period poverty soon.

This February PlumThyme will donate $1 per every period pad sold to "Happy Girls Project Uganda", an amazing organization founded by Harriet Rwosa that provides educational talks to young people in Lake Bunyonyi area of Uganda, supplies them with the materials and teaches how to sew their own menstrual pads.

Having access to period products transforms lives of young people, allowing them to carry on with their activities rather than hiding away for days and gives them one less thing to worry about.

Will you be a part of this important cause? Support the project by visiting their page directly or get yourself some PlumThyme pads and we'll contribute on your behalf.

What really makes us happy as human beings is the ability to help others. Let's do a little step to share happiness today.

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