Healthier periods for you and the planet

Stop wasting money and single use plastic – switch to organic reusable pads today

You'll never want to use disposables again

Organic cotton pads feel just like your favorite underwear.

Leak-proof, thin and super-absorbent. Easy to keep clean and made in the USA. No toxins, fragrances or other nasties.

You may find yourself looking forward to you next period!

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No chemicals ~ No toxins ~ No Single Use Plastic ~ Sustainable ~ HSA & FSA eligible ~ Ethically made ~ Odorless ~ Hygienic ~                   
  • ★★★★★

    “They are wonderful! This past menstrual cycle was the first time I used reusable pads from beginning to end and they worked out beautifully.”

    Shavon, MD
  • ★★★★★

    “They are thin, soft feeling and absorb so well! The bottom layer being leak proof is also amazing. I have already ordered more and so excited to fully switch over to reusable pads!”

    Ryann, NC
  • ★★★★★

    “I’m obsessed! I bought one in each size and I will not be going back to disposable pads. Again with the super fast shipping. Will definitely make another purchase!”

    Allie, WA


Literally – the average menstruator throws away up to 300 pounds of period products in a lifetime. They end up in landfills and make the 5th most commonly found plastic item in the ocean. This is why we designed a pad that you can REUSE.


By getting just 1 or 2 pads to replace some of your disposables. Start by wearing reusables at home while you figure out how they handle your flow and gain confidence.

Depends how heavy your flow is and how often you prefer to wash. A total of 6-8 pads should be enough to completely switch to reusables.

They are designed to be easy to care for and fit into your regular laundry routine. Check out our washing tips here.

No, you don't have to. If dealing with blood puts you off the idea of trying reusables you can totally leave this part to your washing machine. Just make sure to run a rinse cycle for used pads before the actual wash with detergent.

No they won't if changed as needed and the correct size for your flow is used. Each pad includes a hidden layer of PUL which is 100% waterproof while fully breathable.

Yes, there are wings with snaps to fix the pad to your underwear. We recommend checking the position of the pad after using the bathroom and readjusting if needed.

With proper care each pad should last up to 5 years and possibly longer.

Rinse under cold water (optional) and put in a wet bag until ready to wash. Wet bag locks in odour and moisture.If you are still left with questions please make sure to get in touch, we'll be happy to assist.