How it works

 How do I switch?

By getting just 1 or 2 pads to replace some of your disposables. Start by wearing reusables at home while you figure out how they handle your flow and gain confidence.

How many pads do I need?

    Depends how heavy your flow is and how often you prefer to wash. A total of 6-8 pads should be enough to completely switch to reusables.

    What's the life span of a pad?

      With proper care each pad should last up to 5 years and possibly longer.

      How to wash?

        They are designed to be easy to care for and fit into your regular laundry routine. Check out our washing tips here.

        Do I have to touch blood?

          No, you don't have to. If dealing with blood puts you off the idea of trying reusables you can totally leave this part to your washing machine. Just make sure to run a rinse cycle for used pads before the actual wash with detergent.

          Will they leak?

            No they won't if changed as needed and the correct size for your flow is used. Each pad includes a hidden layer of PUL which is 100% waterproof while fully breathable.

            Will the pad stay in place?

              Yes, there are wings with snaps to fix the pad to your underwear. We recommend checking the position of the pad after using the bathroom and readjusting if needed.

              Do I need special underwear?

                Any tight-fitting underwear would work.

                Are they good for bladder leaks?

                  Yes, they provide great absorbency and protection from leaks.

                  Will I save money by switching?

                    Absolutely! We did the math: you'll spend around $120 less in your first year of switching to reusables and over $1000 less during the 5 years period. That's a saving of 50% and 90% respectively compared to the cost of disposables.

                    Are the pads bulky/thick?

                      Not at all. Even our heaviest flow pad is not much thicker than your regular disposable thanks to the super absorbent core made of Zorb® fabric.

                      Can they be used postpartum?

                        Yes, the biggest size that we have would work brilliantly for postpartum bleeding (and will work as a reliable night time pad when your period returns post birth).

                        How to store used pads?

                          Rinse under cold water (optional) and put in a wet bag until ready to wash. Wet bag locks in odour and moisture.
                          If you are still left with questions please make sure to get in touch, we'll be happy to assist.