Our Story

About PlumThyme

Making periods more comfortable and less wasteful.

PlumThyme is a small woman-owned business based in San Francisco Bay Area. We offer sustainable period care to a diverse community of menstruators in the USA and beyond.

Our reusable period pads are made in Fall River, Massachusetts. We stock other period care essentials as well.

Thank you for choosing PlumThyme and doing your part to reduce the amount of plastic waste our planet is rapidly drowning in. Together we can make a difference by doing just a small switch. Try it and never look back!

Meet The Founder

PlumThyme was born when one eco-conscious menstruating person couldn't find a period product that would be more comfortable than a regular menstrual pad and won't go straight to trash after just one use.

"I have tried organic disposable pads that fall apart during wear, contain single use plastic elements and still end up in trash, silicone cups that caused discomfort and made my cramping worse before discovering reusable period pads.

I was surprised how comfortable they are and how little options of such a product exist. I wanted to design a pad that would be effective, easy to use and won't sit in a landfill for centuries." – Lana (she/her), PlumThyme founder