Share your story: Sarah

Share your story: Sarah

Every body is different and so are our stories. We are starting a "Share your story" series to talk with people like you about their period journey, the products they choose and most importantly how they feel about their choices.

Today we are having a chat with Sarah, a mom of 2 from Twin Falls, ID to learn about her experience with discovering and trying reusable pads.

Hey Sarah! Can you tell us how you discovered reusable period pads and what did you think of the idea?

I have cloth diapered my kids since birth so I’ve always known of cloth pads but never really tried them. I’m pretty sure I found PlumThyme from someone I follow on Instagram. I’ve always thought it was an interesting idea, but before testing PlumThyme pads just never had taken the dive to try them.

Thank you for giving them a try! Do you use cloth pads exclusively or combine with other period products?

Right now I have 4 PlumThyme pads of varying absorbency. I pretty much use those exclusively and rotate/ hand wash them so I use as little conventional products as possible.

How does it feel these days when you have to use disposable pads or tampons?

Honestly it’s gross! Funny story: I had gone camping with my family a while ago and wasn’t expecting my period during the time we were camping and as sometimes happens it came early. I had to stop somewhere to pick up disposables. I looked through the “cleaner” options at the store and selected a well known “clean” brand and off we went camping. After about 10 mins down the road, as I was using that pad, I realized they were infused with mint. MINT! Whoever decided that was a good idea to put mint in a pad that goes near such sensitive area is crazy. So we had to stop again and get something else. Health wise, when using disposable ones, I have bad cramping, longer period, and heavier and messier flow. When I use reusable ones, those situations pretty much never happen. No cramping and my period lasts for about 3 days.

What is your advice to someone who's not sure if they should give cloth pads a try?

I’d say just try it. Grab one or a sample pack, it’s not as hard/ gross as it sounds. You really can just toss the pads in your washer with a load of towels and it all comes out clean. If you often experience cramping or heavy periods you may be surprised at how much better you feel using cloth pads and not having all those chemical in/ on your body.

Sarah on Instagram: themothercruncher

Photo provided by Sarah