Share Your Story: Nayeli

Share Your Story: Nayeli

Hi Nayeli! Thanks for sitting down with us to share your story! Could you tell us how did you come across reusable period pads?

I had been cloth diapering my son for a year and the brand that I used for his diapers made reusable period pads. I thought to myself that as a mom I’m always looking for the best for my little ones that it was time I did the same for myself.

What did you think about the idea of such a product? Was it an easy decision for you to try it?

I researched the benefits, I wanted to make sure this was something I could commit to. I started with a pack of 3, it’s an investment at the beginning. After my first period using the reusable pads it was an easy decision to make the switch to exclusively cloth pads.

Do you use cloth pads exclusively or combine with other period products?

For the first year I was exclusively using cloth pads. Now I use cloth pads or period underwear and on heavier days I’ll use a cup too.

Would you consider going back to disposable pads or tampons?

In the 2 years that I’ve been using reusable period products, I think I’ve only used disposable less than 3 times and only for emergencies like traveling or when my washer was broken. I don’t think I’ll ever go back!

Do you think the switch from disposable to reusable pads can make a real difference?

It really can make a difference in so many ways. I’m glad it’s becoming more accessible and hope that people will be open minded to trying it out!

Photo provided by Nayeli

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